Italy's Eight Chianti Regions

The Chianti area in Tuscany produces a distinctive red wine of the same name. The straw basket around the Chianti bottle is less commonly found than it once was. The borders of the Chianti region cover the provinces of Florence and Siena, including the area between the two cities and also to the east and west of Florence.

There are eight regions in Italy where Chianti is produced (map courtesy of
  1. "Classico", area between Florence and Siena, as seen in lighter green area on the map to the right.
  2. "Colli Aretini", hills towards Arezzo
  3. "Colli Fiorentini", hills around Florence
  4. "Colli Senesi", hills around Siena
  5. "Colline Pisane", hills towards Pisa
  6. "Montalbano", area in the Montalbano hills around Pistoia
  7. "Montespertoli", hills around Montespertoli
  8. "Rufina", area of hills near Rufina to the east of Florence

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